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Stithians Public Access Defibrillator

Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) - what it is and how it works

A Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) is a potentially life saving unit which is contained in a vandal proof cabinet. There is one outside the Doctors’ Surgery in Crellow lane and a second on the outer wall of the Bowling club alongside the public footpath.

In the event of a collapse where the heart has stopped it is essential that CPR is started as soon as possible by someone on the scene.

The ambulance must also be called (999) and ambulance control will advise the caller of action to be taken including telling them the location of the PAD. Ambulance control will provide the access code for the cabinet.

Whilst one person carries on with CPR another can run to the cabinet and obtain the defibrillator as quickly as possible.

When the cabinet is activated it automatically sends a message to up to 10 people which would include any first responders in the community. Another message is sent when the PAD is removed from/returned to the cabinet.

Within a day of the PAD being used it will be serviced to ensure that it is ready for action again.

The units that we have obtained "talk" to the user and are said to be capable of use by a seven year old.

Survival rates with CPR alone are about 5% but with the use of a defibrillator can be 50%.

The following video shows the the use of a defibrillator.

The cabinet outside the door of the doctors’ surgery in Crellow Lane, Stithians.

The unlock code is provided by ambulance control. Inside the cabinet is the Defibrillator which is easy to collect simply by lifting the strap off the hook. The packet attached must also be taken as it contains various useful items including scissors to assist with the removal of clothing.

There are two different designs of defibrillator in use - one in each cabinet.

The cabinet on the external wall of Stithians Bowling Club adjacent to the public footpath.